Lake front Living in Lake Tansi

Lakefront Living in Lake Tansi

   Has living on a large crystal clear lake has always been your dream but you could never afford to? Have you wished you could live like your on vacation all year round? This is the place. Maybe those retirement days are drawing closer than they were last year? Most people wouldn't imagine that they could live on a nice lake with your own private boat dock on a fixed income.... you may have discovered your dream come true in Lake Tansi.      Living on the lake in Lake Tansi maybe well within your reach because lakefront homes in Lake Tansi are some of the most affordable lake homes you'll ever find. Most of the lakefront homes in Tansi are going to be ranch style homes ranging from two bedroom, two bathroom homes and going up in size. There are several lakes in Tansi. Lake Tansi being the largest lake on the Cumberland Plateau mountains & Lake Mohawk is the smaller of the two lakes with nice lakefront homes also. 


    Lake Tansi doesn't just have a few lakes for you to enjoy we also has a great 18 hole golf course. Oh, and a few swimming pools, tennis courts, beach and lots of other great outdoor activities to enjoy and the homeowners association fees are only $200 a year....that's right a year! If you have a lakefront home in Lake Tansi you also could have your own private boat dock to enjoy. Fishing, swimming, water skiing, boating all are right outside the back door to your home if your home is on the lake in Tansi. And much more affordable than most golf & lake resorts in Tennessee.


Homes for sale in Lake Tansi range from under $100k and the larger, newer lakefront homes in Lake Tansi will range up to $450k with many amenities and upgrades to enjoy. Panoramic views of the lake and sunsets you'll enjoy each evening while setting on your back deck or if you're a morning person watching the sunrise each morning over Lake Tansi will create picturesque memories for you.

Learn more about lakefront homes in Lake Tansi and what living on the lake in Tansi could mean for you. Let us share with you how affordable this lifestyle can be and how this is a great time to buy a home on the lake in Lake Tansi.

I have lived in Lake Tansi simce 1993 and have enjoyed the lifestyle that it has given me. So call, e-mail or text me and we can get you living like your on vacation year round.
Call RE/MAX Broker Barbara Ely (931) 248-1116 today and let us guide you to your new lakefront home in Tansi.  We know the best homes on the lake in Tansi and we can assist you in finding your dream lakefront home today.




Posted on May 3, 2014 .